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The fun stuff:


I'm a former long distance runner and needle-pointer from Texas.  My Mom made hot air balloon sculptures out of old lightbulbs, and my Dad operated on children’s cleft palettes to give them a better chance at a normal life.  My grand-parents survived the Holocaust and started a family in Chicago with $10.


My life is full of stories, and stories are what excite me.  They inspire me to write my best music.  I’ve been asked to help tell many different stories, from HBO Max's "Hacks" and FOX’s “Duncanville” to NETFLIX’s “The Queen’s Gambit.”  Once inspired by a story, I go all out to support each hero’s journey, each joke, each jump scare, and each denouement with music that brims with heart.


I went to study music at University of Southern California Thornton School of Music to learn a bunch of techniques to better tell stories through music.  They must have liked me there, because they gave me the Joe and Alice Harnell Scholar Award for Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television.



Hacks (HBO Max) Season 2 - Co-Composer

Lessons In Chemistry (Apple TV+) - Additional Music

Griselda (Netflix) - Additional Music

Monsieur Spade (AMC) - Additional Music

Chupa (Netflix) - Additional Music

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) - Additional Music

Godless (Netflix) - Additional Music

Duncanville (Fox) - Orchestrations

Zappa (Independent Documentary) - Additional Music

Just Beyond (Disney +) - Additional Music

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (Disney XD) - Additional Music

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